Thursday, September 10, 2015

Just some short random thoughts from Wayne Dyer's teachings

I spent the morning listening to some old Wayne Dyer interviews. The thing that keeps coming up over and over  again is the metaphor about an orange being squeezed and what comes out of that.  He asked what happens when you're squeeze what comes out? Does kindness come out or does bitterness or anger come out?  He says to fix that is to change your thoughts about who you are and believe that you can be a better person and believe that you are a kind person. I meditated on that a little bit today and I still have some work to do. Another thing he mentioned was Moses asked who was giving him instructions and God's answer was "my name is I am". Wayne said maybe we shouldn't be "blasphemous" then by saying "I am" with something negative afterwards. Say things like "I am loving." "I am kind." "I am compassionate." instead. It's like saying "God is loving." "God is kind." "God is compassionate."

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