Friday, September 28, 2012

Wayne Dyer Talks About Michael Jackson

Wayne Dyer talked a bit about Michael Jackson on his weekly radio show shortly after his death in 2009. He recalls spending time with Michael at Neverland and remembers him as a caring and loving person. Here is the clip (video uploaded by MyDestinyin2012).

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Save $100 on Wayne Dyer's Divine Love conference in Maui

If you register by October 5th and you can save $100 off the price of wayne's seminar in Maui called "Divine Love—Life’s Ultimate Experience Reclaiming Your Divinity with Dr. Wayne Dyer"!

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Here are some more details from Wayne's newsletter:

Divine Love—Life’s Ultimate Experience Reclaiming Your Divinity with Dr. Wayne Dyer
January 26-27, 2013 | The Westin Maui Resort & Spa

(Early Registration ends October 5, 2012)
"When you are steadfast in your abstention of thoughts of harm directed toward yourself and others, all living creatures will cease to feel fear in your presence." — Patanjali

Are your thoughts harming you?
Are you searching for your highest self and your greatest love?
Are you ready to discover your own Divine purpose?
Join Dr. Wayne W. Dyer on one of the most breathtaking islands of Hawaii for the powerful event that could change your life. In this all-new weekend workshop, Wayne will help you ease the conflicting thoughts in your mind and wake up to the power of Divine Love.

Learn to live in the love that never changes—loving everything and everyone, having no criticism or judgment toward yourself or others.
Learn to experience the stunning awareness that “You Are God” –you are the infinite, eternal, and unconditional Divine Love!
As one of Wayne’s favorite quotes from A Course in Miracles states, “A mind at war with itself remembers not eternal gentleness.” In this workshop, Wayne will teach you how to feel your own connection to your purpose—your highest self. You’ll remember who you are by understanding your original nature. You are love, you came from Pure Divine Love, and you will return in that same perfect love. And you will learn to live from this Divine Love perspective on a daily basis—thus allowing you to tap into your own divinity and experience firsthand the inner peace that is yours.

Wayne has often said that his own purpose has been to live a God-realized life, and from this point of view, he discovered something that changed his life: With God, All Things Are Possible. And this, of course, leaves nothing out. Learn to discover the same in your life!

Take Wayne’s challenge to reshape your outer self and finally recognize that there is only God in Action and that Divine Love is the original nature within every human being. Direct your mind to the Freedom and Perfection of the mighty I AM Presence. Stop letting your outer self stand in the way of you achieving full God-realization.

During this workshop, Wayne will also teach you one of the most powerful meditation tools in the history of the world—the beautiful I AM Meditation—a chanting of the exact sounds associated with the name of God found in the Old Testament—that has truly become our gateway to Divine Love.

Learn to cleanse the connecting link between what you have come to believe about yourself and who you really are. You are Divine…step into the Love.
January 26-27, 2013, Saturday and Sunday
9:00am - 12:00pm - morning session
12:00 - 1:30pm - lunch break
1:30-3:30pm - afternoon session

Attendees will have the option to attend: 2-hour Sunset Whale Watching Cruise with drinks and appetizers on Saturday from 4:30 - 6:30pm. Prior to the event Hay House will be contacting attendees with more information.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Thought from Wayne Dyer - Effects of Thought on Physical Reality

(Video from monkeykeiths)

Here is what Wayn Dyer has to say about the power of your thoughts!

The interesting things about the positive and negative are that we're learning through biochemical exploration and engineering that there are enzymes in the brain that releases different endorphins into your brain as a result of the way you think

Person who thinks a positive thought is not just thinking oh goody just thinking positive thoughts, they are affecting the chemistry of their body. And when you look at things like schizophrenia and some of the least understood of the mental illnesses we say yes there are chemical imbalances there and the scientists all get together and say it's chemistry what are you talking about with all this thinking stuff. If we can alter the chemistry we can alter the disease.

Yes it's true I buy it hundred percent but it's only 50% of the battle. What causes the chemistry to change in a human being? What causes an ulcer? Isn't that a chemical change brought about as a result of thinking?

Well the same thing is true of a mental illness. Yes the chemistry is different, but believe that you control your chemistry! It is your chemistry! You carry it around! It's yours! and every patient who I have ever worked with in the really severely disturbed realm still must understand that they're doing this to themselves.

Yes your chemistry is unbalanced, but don't believe it would just go to put you want lithium or just to put you on this drug and in the drug is going to for the rest of your life do it. You got to believe that you can in fact alter any chemistry within you through the way you think.

What you think blood-pressure going up when you're under pressure is about? It's the chemical change brought about through thought. What you think hypnosis is? We use it in medical practice all the time. Dentists use it all the time.

You put yourself into a different state. There's no chemistry, there's no drugs. You're not getting any anesthesia. You're putting your brain into what is called Alpha state and in that state that you changed through thought - which is everything! Remember, it's what you are. Thought is what you are. Though is also what your husband is and what your children are. It's just your perception of them. You can't get to the process of what that human being is you can only get to one level removed from that process. Accept them for what they are...