Monday, August 31, 2015

Wayne's last words of advise on his Hay House Radio show

I used to listen to Wayne Dyer's Hay House Radio show every week. I looked forward to listening to him each week. About a year ago they changed the way the site let you listen to the past week's shows and instead of being able to listen to the show on my time throughout the week, you had to listen at the time it was being broadcasted (or when the show was being re-broadcasted). With my alternating work schedule and working overtime, I wasn't always home at 3PM on Mondays or still awake at 11PM when the show re-aired. Well, just a few weeks ago I felt like I was really missing listening to his show and I wanted to make more of an effort to catch the show. Since it was tough to catch it on my schedule, I figured out a way to record it while I slept and then I could listen to it on my own time. His last live show was August 10 and I noticed I had not deleted the file on my computer yet. I re-listened to it last night after hearing the news of his passing. It felt weird knowing that 20 days later he would no longer be with us on Earth and I felt sad that this would be his last radio show. I enjoyed reading his books, but I think I almost enjoyed his radio show more and that's what made me a big fan of his. I had never even heard of him until I saw a YouTube video of "The Power of Intention" PBS special back around 2006. That caused me to find his radio show on Hay House and it was only later I actually read his books. By the way, you can still listen to all his past shows, but there is a yearly membership fee. You can sign up here if you're interested.

Anyway I know he was just in Australia and New Zealand just last week, but I wanted to share some of last words of wisdom from the radio show. This was from the last 4 minutes of his final show. The caller was feeling anger and trying to forgive his father for abuse towards his mother. Here is his response:

Your anger, your judgment, your hostility, your rage - I know about this. I had a father did the same thing - who abandoned us and walked away and I never saw him again. It was only when I went to his grave in 1970 and I was able to send love in response to the hatred that he showed toward me, that everything in my life changed. The Chinese have an old proverb that says "if you're going to pursue revenge, you better dig two graves because you're going to need one for yourself as well". It will kill you - this stuff you got going on inside you. Mark Twain said "forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it". You got to become a violet and no matter what has crushed you, you got to be able to send love in response to it. It's the ultimate challenge. It is your purpose. It's why you're here. And when you're able to do that, when you're able to just let go and let God and allow who you are. Your essence is you came from love. You came from a place of perfect love. Love is what the universe is made out of. Imagine the universe being made out of anything other than love. What would hold it together? We would all be fighting each other and everything would just collapse. Love is very essence of who we are, what our universe is, what our infinite consciousness is. It's something called love. We, through the development of these false selves, through this ego that we take on, create a space within us that says "I'm gonna send love out". Divine love the kind of love that you want to have. It's a kind of love that God has for you - that the infinite consciousness has for you. You showed up in this infinite consciousness. And as a result of being in it, you you can either be what it is - which is love - or you can take on the ego - the false self - and and fill yourself with the rage. I would recommend that you reach out to this man and you send him the only thing that you want to have inside of you... like the proverbial orange: when you squeeze an orange you get what's inside. When someone squeezes you get out of you what's inside. Have love inside and that's all that will come out. We're going to send you a copy of my daughter and my book together: "Don't Die With Your Music Still In You".

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