Monday, January 9, 2012

Updates on Wayne Dyer

Wayne wrote a new article about strategies for taking inspired action on the Heal Your Life website.

Wayne will be doing a "Wishes Fulfilled" seminar in Sydney, Australia on the 18th, and then he is heading home to Maui and will be doing a two day seminar on "Mastering the Art of Manifestation" on January 28 and 29. You can get tickets for his event in Maui here.

Wayne usually participates in the "I Can Do It" conferences. Here is a list of where and when "I Can Do It" events will take place in early 2012:

March 17-18: San Jose, CA
April 14-15: Atlanta, GA
May 5-6: Vancouver, BC
June 23-24: Toronto, Ont.

Also, this September there will be a Mediterranean Cruise with Dr. Wayne Dyer. The destinations include Italy, Greece, Turkey and more. You can reserve your tickets of that cruise here.

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