Monday, May 2, 2011

Wayne Dyer's "Spiritual Surgery"

Wayne Dyer recently talked about a recent experience he had with “spiritual surgery” by a man known as “John of God”. Wayne was in Hawaii and John of God is from southern Brazil and was able to work on Wayne by viewing a photo of him. Here is what Wayne said about it (para-phrased):
John of God does healing, and people come down to Southern Brazil to get healed by him. This peaceful man performs healings. I have a beautiful friend who went down there, who is a medical doctor and she took photographs of me dressed in white and I had a spiritual surgery last Wednesday morning and was told I had to completely rest. I haven’t done any exercise and I hadn’t missed a day of exercise in forty years. I was told to sleep for 24 hours. For the last 5 or 6 days my body has been going through a transformative process of some kind.

I am in awe of it and I have John of God’s photo of him holding the photo of myself. John of God has allowed the press to film him and Oprah did a full hour about him on her show, and if you search on the internet you can actually watch him doing surgery. Right now my body is in recovery. After the surgery I felt weak and tired, and normally I go into the ocean for a swim every day. My friend who went to visit John of God told me that I had been through surgery and you have to treat yourself as if you did just go through surgery; this is very real. So my body is going through something and whether or not it is healing of this leukemia or whatever I have in my body, I am totally open to it. A lot of the focus is on love, forgiveness and kindness. Whenever I look at my photo of John of God I get this overwhelming feeling of being loved and safe. It’s a feeling like being in the arms of God. I’ve noticed quite a shift in myself not just physically. I’ve been feeling pretty week and sleeping about 16 hours a day. I was working on a book and writing a lot, but I haven’t even written in the past week.

It’s a tough thing for our ego to understand. Years ago I promoted a book called Sanctuary by Steven Lewis. He said that photos contain the same energy of the object in the photograph. I’ve seen this with muscle testing. In the past I have demonstrated that if you hold up a photo of Mother Theresa and put by a person’s heart and then hold a photo of Adolf Hitler by their heart and the person did know which one was being shown. When given a muscle test, they will have more strength when the Mother Theresa photo his held by them than they do with the Hitler photo is held up to them. I’ve told this story of my son playing a rap song with negative lyrics and I did a muscle test with him with an organic banana and the rap CD and he was weaker when holding the CD. This is evidence that there is energy in everything.

John of God is one of the few people who has been able to heal someone through a photograph of someone. When taking your photo you should dress in white, keep your thoughts on love and forgiveness and take some herbal pills. Maybe this is what Jesus meant when he said “with God all things are possible”. Time and space is just an illusion and everything is happening at once.

For more details, listen to Wayne’s April 25, 2011 show on Hay House Radio.


  1. How do I contact John of God for this healing. It seems there are hundreds of people that claim they are his guide and you have to go through them and then give money for the herbs. How do I know it's the real deal and just not scam artists? Can you please contact me at thanks,and love you think your wonderful!!!

    Official website. You will find guides there. I just returned from 2 weeks in Abadiania. I recommend Bari Brown or Deb Court as guides. It's amazing!

  3. I have just booked a distant healing myself. I hope it will be all good. I read some very positive things about John of God, but also some disturbing once that he is a sexual predator. I hope this is all wrong. There are so many different statements, but I am a Dr Waybe Dyer fan, so I trusted this blindly.

    1. Emma How did your distant healing experience go? What did you need to do to get booked?

  4. What about the chemo therapey he received before he went to John?